Entry #1

8 bit collection

2010-03-08 10:56:46 by BonesUndug22

Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you to my loyal listeners who jumped on board since my collab with Bloodfest. You guys really made my day with all of your comments and support, even the constructive criticism was helpful!

To the point:
I am starting a new collection of 8 bit songs, and not only can I geek out because THEY are 8 bit, they are also 80's covers. I was inspired by a recent submission of "Down Under-8bit Remix" to do this.
As of this typing I have 3 so far, so please check them out. I have a few ideas, and I want requests too, so please feel free to message me.

Look out for
Dire Straits
ZZ Top
Phil Collins and/or Genesis


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