I'm back...I think?

2012-01-06 00:34:44 by BonesUndug22

Hey guys! I know I've been bad about updating. So...I'm exceptionally late. During the last, almost year and a half, I've been facing very bad personal problems and halted making music all together until 2 months ago. I'm releasing an album soon that will be unsigned/no label material. Demo pretty much. I'm going to be posting new music for thine ears, and hopefully I can get a positive/negative response from everyone regarding the material. I'm doing well, and I am getting back on track to creating more and more music. I've been signing in periodically to see what's been new with everyone. I've seen one of my friends BigRed has made quite a name for himself on NG. Good for you! Congrats! I'm sad to see that BloodFest is no longer posting anything to the site, so hopefully I can do something in his honor.

I've scrapped the 8bit collection idea after realizing that I've got a tight schedule with work, recording, and the like. I am going to keep posting everything that I feel is NG worthy out of everything that I record.

It's good to be back.



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